What to Wear for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

It’s the start of February and love is in the air. You’ll see red balloons everywhere you go, red roses and was that Cupid you saw? With only weeks to go, it’s high time to look for a perfect outfit to wear on the special day with your special significant someone. Or, even if you’re single on Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t matter. Wear that special outfit and party all night with your girls. Valentine’s Day is perfect occasion to put on a perfect cute outfit, hit the town and dazzle all night long.

Having to choose an outfit for a day is difficult enough but having to choose one for Valentines is downright impossible. Or is it? Whether you’re going on a romantic date or hitting the town with your friends, we’ve compiled the 10 perfect style ideas that will not only steal your heart but also captures everyone’s attention.

  1. Dinner for Two!

You’ve made reservations weeks ago but forgot to pick out an elegant sexy outfit. Lace has always been in fashion and would always stay in fashion. It’s just so chic and edgy too. It’s effortlessly sexy, suits everyone even plus size woman. And it doesn’t require much accessories. But if you’re looking for something nude then add an amazing pair of heels and jewelry accents for much refined touch.

  1. Candle light by the fire

If you and your loved one and staying in for the day or going out whilst keeping it as low key as you can, you probably still would want to dress up just for the sake of it. Slouchy beanie, comfy sweaters and cardigans, simple jeans and a shirt would be your pick. But, to change it a little add accessories to pop out the outfit look just a little. Wear strappy heels, sparkly pair of earrings and jazz up your look with a ruby red or cranberry lipstick. A subtle end to your low key look. 

  1. “Girls Just Want To Have Fun!”

Like the Cyndi Lauper song, girls just want have fun. If you’re just sitting in your apartment having takeout then, go out with a group of friends! Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with the people you adore, wear something sparkly and dazzling and mingle out the single’s way.

    4. Home is where the Heart is (Stay-In)

When you’re at home, all you want is to wear something comfy and cozy. You don’t want to much effort into it but Valentine’s day should stop you from wearing something comfortable. Try a delicate lace bralette, shorts or a comfy top. That’s the only time of the year, you can get away with wearing as many hearts as you want.


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