What is Body Positivity? and Does it Promote Obesity and Bad Health?

The biggest opposing argument of the body positivity movement is the view that body positivity promotes unhealthy habits and obesity. I wanted to write this post to set this straight because I do think the body positive movement is not understood by opposing views as well as supporters. The definition of body positive taken from Wikipedia is “The Body Positive Movement is a movement that encourages people to adopt more forgiving and affirming attitudes towards their bodies, with the goal of improving overall health and well-being.” This is the definition that Dress Me Good goes by. Many people have created their own definition and there are many out there. Before body positivity became a movement, I started Dress Me Good with a mission to help women dress their body types so that they could feel good about their body for what it is NOW. Not learning to love their body when they lose ten pounds or if one day they hit the lotto and can afford plastic surgery. The body positive movement started to rise and I was so happy because I felt like my mission was given even more of a purpose as I see more women out there struggle with the same body issues I knew they had just like me. It is not only women who are overweight who struggle with body image issues and that is what narrow-minded people don’t see or don’t want to see in regard to women’s body image issues.

With that being said Dress Me Good has started to focus more on the plus side community because the plus size community is the community who deals with the MOST body SHAMERS out there. Plus size is also a term that also has different definitions. Some say plus size doesn’t start until size 16. According to the fashion industry plus size is a size 8. The struggle with that is arguments within the plus size community say if you are under a 16 you should be deemed out of anyone who has body image issues. That is also not what body positivity is about. No one’s body image issues should be undermined because they are not a size 16 or up. I also know however that I understand the frustration from the size 16 and up because like I said they are shamed endlessly from people who just can’t deal with seeing someone confident with themselves. I think targeting people who are big is just easy and once people start to ignore it what are the bullies to do? I do feel for anyone who has an eating disorder and struggles with anorexia and bulimia and we want to make sure we help that group as well because shaming on either side of the body spectrum is not what body positive is about.

That being said body positivity is about improving yourself. It is about learning to understand yourself and get in tune with yourself. You don’t want to fall in a rut in any area of life. To improve yourself you do however have to look at who you are today. I only like to look in the past for beautiful memories or learning from my mistakes. Looking at yourself today will ask yourself to look at what choices you made in the past to get where you are today. If you made choices that you didn’t like well ok what are they and can you stop making those choices to be a better person today and for the future. You have to be ok with who you are today. You can’t feel guilty of the piece of cake you ate years ago or yesterday. You can only control what happens now.

Now looking into the future is good but you must be realistic and not get caught up in what you could be in the future because you’ll forget who you are today. Have goals but stay focused on the now. So, if you obsess about your body and only want to enjoy life when you lose those extra pounds you are looking way too much into the future and you are only looking at your potential not who you are today. When you are looking at your potential too much you can’t enjoy yourself at the present. Body positivity as said above encourages you to love and forgive your body and self-today and to make better choices that are important to you for a better version of yourself tomorrow.

Taking one day at a time and living in the present is so key to happiness and progress in your life’s journey. So be forgiving of yourself and have realistic expectations and have expectations that you set not by the outside world and you will succeed. If you want more tips on how you can enjoy yourself today and be the best version of yourself look at my blog post “Don’t Be Yourself”>> Read More Here Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Maybe you disagree with the definition. I would love to hear why. I would also love to hear if you agree with this definition and message. 

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