Fall Fashion Tips for the Pear or Spoon Body Type


Pear or spoon shapes these are Fall fashion tips just for you. Pear shapes are the most common body type so we must get some tips going for all you ladies. A pear is where you tend to have more hips and booty, smaller bust and smaller shoulders in proportion to your hips. A spoon is the same only with a longer torso. These tips are great for both shapes as they are similar. If you are busty you may be an hourglass is your bust is in proportion to your hips. If you are not sure of your exact type take your bust, hip, and waist measurements and type them in our body shape calculator to find out>>Click Here

1) Pears are on Top

A pear shape for fall is going to have fun with a lot of details on tops and jackets. Since the bust and shoulders tend to be smaller than hips and booty then pear or spoon will need to grab details that will balance out the top with the bottom. These details are ruffles, shoulder pads, scarves, and light color blocking on top. If you get tops with these details it will appear that your shoulders and bust are bigger. Stripes are also helpful with this illusion if you can find a top or sweater with a stripe over the bust or shoulders. Scarves are great pieces for pears because they can draw the eye up and fill in some of the bust area. If you are bustier than be careful with ruffles and stripes over the bust. Embellished tops are also a great detail to have for pears and spoons. An embellished shoulder or neckline will draw the eye up to balance out those hips. If you are in a cold climate cowl neck sweaters are also your friend just as the scarf the cowl neck will add some volume to your upper half.

2) Jackets with Structure

Jackets for a pear of spoon are best when they are cropped, hit at your waist or mid-thigh. If you can find an A-line jacket those are fabulous as the will draw away from your hop and booty so it won’t be so tight. Boxy jackets are ok for pears if you don’t have much of a bust. Belted jackets are suggested for all body types including the pear and spoon to emphasize your waist. Choosing a lighter jacket like khaki or gray will again draw the eye up balancing out the top when you wear darker bottoms

3) Bottoms with Flare

For bottoms or jeans choose bootcut or flare hems. This draws the eye down and balance out the bottom and hips. A-line skirts and dresses are best if you don’t want to show off your booty. If you want to show off your body in a skirt or dress choose a body-con that is a midi length to elongate the body. Choosing pointed toe shoes are also great to help to give the bottom a slim look. Tights are also great to wear for pears as they will hold your booty and hips together perfectly in a dress or skirt and will also keep you warm.

Fall fashion is so much fun so for a bonus tip choose colors in your tops such as berry, pumpkin, and yellow for a fresh fall look. Layering is also great for this body type. Get your basic tank or top with a cowl, scoop or embellished neckline then add a button up shirt which is great for this body type then the structured jacket and a scarf with a hot little-pointed bootie and you will be a fall fashionista. Comment below what you are excited to try this Fall. :D


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