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Fall Fashion Tips for Apple Body Type


Fall is here again and it is personally my favorite season. You can wear fabulous jackets, scarves, and boots. Layering is the game and a necessity if you live in actual frigid temperatures. Living in Chicago it’s a necessity to layer or my boobs and booty will freeze to death…no joke. Before I lived in Chicago I lived in New Mexico where I never needed to wear scarves, or jackets really. A good thick sweater or light jacket was all I needed. If you forgot your gloves it wasn’t detrimental as in Chicago. What I noticed is Chicagoans, for the most part, are excited for Fall and Winter, not because of the actual seasons but because I think Chicagoans enjoy the Fall/Winter fashion choices. As I said above I now absolutely love wearing jackets, scarves, and boots. There are so many fabulous choices to wear that I never used to in New Mexico so I am glad to share with you all my favorite new-found Fall fashion tips. I will create a post for each body shape to come so check those out if you are a mixture of shapes or if you have a friend or family member who needs help dressing their shape send them over. If you don’t know your body type please head on over our body shape calculator with more information.  Click Here to Find Your Shape

If you are an apple shape we are starting with your body type. Apple shapes do not have a defined waist and tend to have broader shoulders and larger bust compared to other shapes and adding layers due to cold weather can make you look boxier and frumpy if you don’t follow some of these tips.

1)    Jackets that Define Your Waist

Jackets can make any shape look boxy but we especially want to avoid that for an apple shape. Getting a belted jacket that is singled breasted is the best choice. Having a belted jacket will automatically help create the illusion of a waist. Avoid any jackets with shoulder pads or ruffles in the bust area as apple shapes tend to be top heavy already. The length of the jacket should be just below the hip and not at your waist to keep from emphasizing the waist area so avoid cropped jackets.  Color blocking jackets are nice if you can find them where the jacket is darker on top and gets lighter on the bottom. Avoid jackets with large prints in the waist area or any jackets with pleats in the waistline.

2)    Draw the Eye Up

Scarves are great layering pieces for the apple shape. When you top your outfit with a pretty scarf the eye will be drawn up away from your torso. Find sweaters and dresses with scoop or v-necklines so you can have skin showing drawing the eye upwards. Off the shoulder tops have been hot this Summer you can still wear them for Fall under your jacket. Off the shoulder, tops draw the eye up and balance out the top by showing some skin. If you get cold add a cute scarf as this will flatter the look even more.

3)    Show Off Your Legs

Now if you are in a cold climate you may be thinking you want to avoid showing your legs. If you can get away with a few weeks try wearing shorts or dresses with sheer or opaque tights underneath if you need some warmth. If you can stand the cold or it's not too cold show off those legs as this will balance out your bottom half. Sheer tights are fun to try because you can find different patterns and styles. Wearing printed bottoms or skirts are also encouraged for apple shapes.

4)    Flare Your Bottoms

Flare bottom pants or bootcut pants are great for apple shapes. Usually, apple shapes tend to have thinner legs so a flare or bootcut pant will help create that illusion that you are in balance with your shoulders and tummy. This is also a trend you can try with tops wearing bell sleeves which is also a huge trend this Fall. Also, try wearing lighter color bottoms and a darker top to create the illusion of a narrow upper half. If you want to wear skinny jeans just make sure you wear more of a plain top none with ruffles or puffy sleeves.

5)    Embellished Shoes and Chunky Heels

For shoes draw the eye downward to some fun and fabulous shoes. Embellished or blinged out shoes are hot for Fall 2017. You can go crazy here the more bling the better. Try embellished accessories as well to add some extra interest to your outfit. Find boots or heels with a chunky heel to add a balance to your upper half because again apples tend to be more top heavy with a narrower bottom.  Make your boot a different color than your pant so that it does not blend in. For example, if you wear black pants wear a brown boot to draw the eye down creating a more balanced bottom half.

Of course, you can wear what you’d like these are tips to help you create more balance to your body type if you struggle with feeling frumpy during the Fall/Winter season with tons of layers and big jackets. Comment below if you have any fun fall fashion tops for fellow apple shapes.



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