Monday Blues: Is it You or Monday?

It’s Sunday evening and that feeling hits of disappointment because you realize it’s going to be that horrible 6 letter word that sends a shock of maybe anxiety, sadness or anger through your body…MONDAY.  I’ve been there especially because for me it meant waking up early. I can’t stand when I cannot sleep in. I’ve also been in an environment where I just dreaded going into work because there was always drama, the process of work was ridiculous or even just plain old boring. If you seem to have the Monday blues every single Monday here are some tips and reflections that will help you work through those Monday blues.

1) Are You Doing What You Love?

I would say most people are not truly doing what they love.  Most of us need to pay bills and that is the true motivating factor as to why we have the job that we do. We are scared to do what we love because that may mean taking a pay cut or having to downsize. Or maybe some of us don’t know what our passion is. Ask yourself if you had all the money in the world what would you be doing? Usually, this is how you can find the answer to what your true passion is by asking this question.

It is important to know what your true passion is. This will motivate you in so many ways even if you work on your passion on the side or part-time until one day you can work on it full time. That way when Monday comes you know that where you are will only be temporary or that you will work on your passion as well. Progress towards something you love is where true success comes from so that is important to know what drives and motivates you to work hard.

2) Are you in a Toxic Environment?

Environment over the years has become so much more important to me than money or title. I can’t be micro-managed, work with negative people, among other things that are important to me like certain benefits. If you are somewhere you hate of course Monday would be dreadful. People are so afraid of change so they will not look for other jobs because it will take away their security blanket. If you are in an environment you hate you must ask youself why you are settling? Stress is a killer and because you are afraid of change you are shaving years off your life. You deserve an environment that won’t drive you insane. Work is a place you are spending most of the time so why wouldn’t you find something you deserve and love? Look for other options while you are working, believe me, there are plenty out there if you just look or ask. If you make the excuses that you are too old, not skilled enough, etc, then you are letting your comfort zone run your life.

3) Are you Afraid to Communicate to Your Collogues?

Sometimes we do enjoy our job but we are frustrated that maybe our voices are not being heard or maybe you are afraid to communicate your ideas/concerns. If there is an issue that bothers you it must be communicated. Avoiding confrontation or having a serious conversation will build up so much unnecessary worry and stress. People will not know what you are feeling unless you speak up. You must learn to speak up at work because that is where you spend most of your time and your voice should be heard especially if it's bothering you and creating stress for you. If you are so afraid of being fired or having a bad confrontation this is a sign that you may need to start looking for another job. Again, don’t let your comfort zone keep you in a toxic environment. Leaders should be open to communication and critiques. You have a RIGHT to voice your concerns, questions, and opinions. Don’t be afraid, let it out and you will feel so much better!

4) Are You Bored with Routine?

So maybe now you found the job and love the environment but you still fee dreary of Mondays? This may be because you do the same old routine day after day. Same time waking up, same, breakfast, same commute, same lunch, same office, same old, same old. Routine is not necessarily bad but try to change it up a bit so you will not get bored. Try waking up earlier some days maybe later somedays so it won’t feel so robotic. Maybe get up earlier and go to the gym a couple of days while other mornings you sleep in a bit. Try taking a different route to work even if it’s a bit longer just to see different areas. If you have different outlets of public transportation try using different options to change it up. For example, some days I’ll take the train others I’ll take Uber so I can mix it up a bit.

If you can move your workstation around try working in different areas with different people from time to time. Try not to sit for the entire 8 hours straight. Go out for a walk or go eat out for lunch if it’s in your budget. Try to meet new people every day if you work at a large company or try to start conversations with people when you are out for a walk or getting lunch. This way you can hear interesting stories from new people more often. Anything that seems drab to you and so routine just try mixing it up a bit even if it's small and you’ll feel and see the difference.

5) Look Forward to New Interests

Going off from above, if you are doing too much routine that means you may need to add other new interests to make your week more exciting. If you are waiting to live for the weekends you are not doing enough during the week to keep your life interesting. Try taking new classes like painting, music, writing, photography etc. Learning new things should always be a goal as this will add to your knowledge and intellectual being. You will also meet new people which is also important to add new interesting people to your life. Add exercise to your routine as this helps manage stress and try to take new classes to mix up the routine. If you go to the gym try going to different gyms or areas to work out so it doesn’t look like the same old places and faces.

If you are in a relationship this would be great to try new things together such as classes, or going to new places for date night to keep you from losing that spark. It is also important in this area to try some of these new interests on your own so you can connect with yourself and have alone time as well to break any unhealthy codependent routines. Having new interests or hobbies can add more interest to your relationship because you can have more to share with each other.  Adding new interests and entertainment to your week will keep you from waiting for work the weekend which is no way to live.


These tips are so important to keep a high level of inner core confidence. If you are letting routine and Mondays bother you so much you must be proactive in creating your own happiness. Negative feelings should never block the achievement of your goals. If you create a life worth living and feel great about making progress with things that are important to you that is true success. So that starts with figuring out if your hate for Mondays is your doing or Mondays dong. Don’t blame Monday, make your days and weeks count and believe you can do great things any day of the week and build a high level of self-confidence!

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