How to Dress a Pear and Spoon Body Shape

How to Dress a Pear and Spoon Body Shape 

 Are you looking in the mirror and thinking this jacket or this shirt doesn’t suit you?

Are you wondering that you should’ve tried in on in the dressing room before buying it from the store?

And do you feel that when people talk about body shapes and you feel bewildered?

There’s only one answer that solves this, knowing your body shape. Yes, you rolled your eyes when you discovered your body shape. Research suggests that more than half of women’s population are not happy with their body shape and their clothing. But every body shape has its great parts and its respective challenges. Knowing those challenges, rest assured that you choose good possibilities for your shape.

What’s a Pear shaped or Spoon shaped body?

An individual with a pear or a spoon shaped body has wider hips, compared to their shoulders. They have low wide hips, rounded well balanced bottoms, thick thighs, small chest area and distinct waistline.

Most woman around the world fall into this category so much so that retailers design more styles that ensemble Pear, spoon shaped shoppers. So you’ll have no issue finding styles to your comfort. Take Kim Kardashian for instance. She has a pear shaped figure. 


Determining a Pear Shaped/Spoon shaped body?

If you look straight into the mirror with your feet together and if you margin you way from left to right shoulders, if they are narrower than your hips than you’re a pear shaped woman.


Now that I know I am a Pear/Spoon shaped woman..

You might be thinking what now? Finding pants or skirts that fit at you waist is no less than a nightmare. Short skirts are a big no-no! You must be figuring out woman clothing of your figure whether it’s plus sized or normal.

Tricks and Trade for dressing perfectly for a pear/spoon shaped body

  1. Wear Darker tones at Lower Body Parts



Wearing darker tones disguises the un-favorable areas such as hips. It creates an illusion of thinner hips.


  1. Draw attention to the Upper Parts of your Body

Choose bright colors and bold prints to draw all the more attention to your torso and away from your hips and thighs. Outfit your look with exciting prints.


  1. Look For Right Top and Neckline


Tops with fitted waists, structured shoulders, hover sleeves, embellished sleeve or shoulders would highlight your waist and help balance your lower half. Loose clothing is a big no-no, it’ll make you look wider than you are. Yes, I am looking at you beautiful plus size woman, time to show off your curves. 

  1. Layering and More Layering



Even your body proportions by adding layers of tank tops, cardigans, jackets to create a sort of visual illusion effect of an hourglass figure.


  1. The Right Length Matters

Choose the top that grazes over your hips, not tight as to define your hips but as to hide the widest part of your hips. Avoid hems that reach below your thighs since, that’ll only make your legs look wider. And we don’t want that now do we? Crop tops should also be avoided.


  1. The Right Bottom for your Bottom:


To minimize your lower half of the body, opt for highly gathered skirts that ruminate over your figure, A-line skirts, pants that are wide legged or boot legged. This will not only ensure that your hips are not wide but also give you an hourglass figure.


  1. The Evening dresses awaits

Dresses are a great way to accomplish the task of drawing attention upwards to your torso, while creating a tight waistline and also covering your hips. Search for dresses that are A-line, V-neck that will widen your shoulders. Off-shoulder dresses gives weight to the chest region and at the same time details on the shoulders get all the attention.


  1. Wear the Right Undergarments

Consider a padded or a push-up bra that’ll add indefinite volume to a small chest area and also give a good hourglass figure.


  1. Make a Statement

Nothing makes a statement than a good, glitzy statement necklace. Choose one that hangs low, gets undue attention to your upper half.  You can also opt for good set of earings without the necklace. Two is a crowd! Wearing glitzy earings draws attention further up from your hips to your eyes. Throw in a scarf for added measure.





  1. Empire of Heels

Pick out shoes that have pointed toes, that’ll help elongate your legs. High heels are the preferred choice of many. It’s best to show added height. Avoid ankle straps.




Last but not the least, always choose what you find comfortable to dress in or walk in. That’s what matters most of all.




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