How to Dress for the Apple Body Shape

How to dress for the apple body shape:

The Apple body shape is a rather typical body shape that often develops after the age of 40. This body shape commonly develops as a symptom of (Peri) menopause, whereby many women can gain weight around their midsection.

  • Dressing for this body type doesn't have to be a struggle either.
  • The Apple body type is commonly defined as:
  • Less definition for a waistline.
  • Weight commonly hovers around the midsection
  • An average size to large sized bust.

If you feel as though you fit into this category, you should strongly consider following some of these style tips to dress for your body type and accentuate the qualities of your body.

It is also important to remember that this is not one of the easiest body shapes that you can dress for. Many women struggle but Dress Me Good helps find clothing that are  ideal for this type of shape. While many women tend to cover up with looser garments, there are some additional ways that you can create some beautiful silhouettes.

Creating and defining the illusion of a waistline while highlighting cleavage is usually a good start. Creating beautiful vertical lines through the silhouette and using lots of vertical lines in the clothing to lean out figure is an excellent strategy.

The best tips for Apple body shape:


  • V-necks can be an excellent choice because they can break up the size of your dress. You could also consider plus size dresses with a v-neck because they can accentuate the bust and slim the body.
  • Just along the hipbone: most plus size women's clothing generally adjust the height of a top for just above the hipbone. This type of pattern is one of the greatest ways to accentuate the look with pants.
  • Drawing attention to arms: Tops that are drawing close attention to your arms with an embroidery or flare can be the perfect way to take focus off of your waistline. Plus size dresses can accomplish the same style.


  • Dresses must have a waistline that is just below the thinnest point in your body. A large amount of Plus sized clothing will place the waistline just below the bust or around the thinnest point in the body. This is usually best practise for a thin and defined waistline.
  • Thicker textures: Woven tops and dresses of a thicker texture can be a great way to ensure that fabrics don't cling to your body so much. A less clingy look will help you to have a much more impressive silhouette.

Improving Bottoms:

  • Trousers with zippers along the side can improve slimming and silhouettes. Plus size dresses and skirts that have zippers at the side can also be much more flattering.
  • A trouser should be straight or flare so it does not cling directly to the stomach or thighs.
  • The Pleats in a plus size clothing skirt should also be located below the belly.

The main things to avoid:

There are of course several types of clothing you should not consider wearing as an apple shaped body type.

Some of the main sizes to avoid for the future should be:

  • Tight T-shirts
  • Tops with a high neckline
  • Solid strong colors
  • Bulky pants with plenty of pockets
  • Garments with little defined waistline.

Keep some of these top tips in mind for dressing in plus sizes and getting the most out of women's clothing for your body shape.

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