Five Fall Fashion Tips: Must-Tries for Your Wardrobe

The best thing about fall is that the weather is not too cold or not too hot. This means there is no limit on the styles you can try. It is time to mix and match things. Besides this, if you are a little bit curvy, then you need to keep in mind the proportion of your body while choosing the outfit. Not only this, try for clothes that fit your size and are not too baggy or boxy. To help you out, here are some tips that you need to follow in autumn.

1) Fun & Flirty Layering

Probably the best thing about Fall…layers. The best thing about autumn is that the weather is moderate enough that you can wear clothes without worrying about melting while standing in the sun. In short, you can go for layering. For the first layer go with a cute tank, turtleneck top, or tee. Secondly, get a button up shirt or cardigan to throw over your first layer. Then grab a light jacket, vest, poncho or something to throw over your first and second layer that adds a little bit of flare or fabulousness. For example, choose color, texture, jewelry to add some personal style to these layers. Then you can add a scarf for a fun added layer. Have fun with scarfs you can choose so many styles and wrap them up differently depending on the style you are going for.


2) Hot for Faux Leather

Well, leather does look cool no matter where you are going. But, to wear them in the in summer is not the time because you will sweat like a pig. Fall is the perfect season to wear this chic classic style. You can also wear faux leather shorts or skirts with opaque or sheer tights for a fresh fall look with your favorite boots. Not only this, you can also go for a faux leather jacket. Wearing faux leather will always make you look extra fashionable and stylish. Try it out now. Try colored faux leather for extra style like burgundy or browns…so sexy.

3) In Denim We Trust

Denim never gets out of fashion, no matter what the weather is outside. And, if you are a girl, I must say denim is one of the greatest friends you can have. As you can experiment with it anytime you want. You can wear denim pants or even a jacket with it. Go for a darker wash to blend in with darker colored tops for fall and you can’t go wrong.

4) Dresses Duh

You can, of course, wear dresses all year round if you are not planning to walk in a blizzard or negative degree weather. If you are attending a party you can still wear a dress with long sleeves or 3/4 sleeves to help keep you warm a bit. Also, go with a turtleneck or mock neck dresses which are perfect for keeping you warm.  Wearing blazers with dresses are my favorite for Fall. You can wear colored blazers to make a pop or classic neutral colors for more of a sophisticated look. Wearing opaque and sheer tights is also a great way to keep warm but to still show a little leg if it’s not yet too cold.

5) Booties Our Fave

Booties are a Fall favorite! Booties are a great transition from Summer to Fall. Find bootie with open toes so you can still show off your cute pedicure. Booties are great to wear with tights when you are wearing shorts, rompers, or dresses. Ankle boots are also hot for Fall so it’s not covering up too much yet. Embellished boots are trending find some boots with bling, zippers, beading and be on trend for Fall 2017.

Comment which tips you are going to try or comment if you already implement these. Or share some tips with us gals. Happy Fall! :D


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